Essence #1-1Propinquity Vibrational Essences are a unique blend of the energy or ‘life force’ of substances found in nature. These are blended to create Essences that target specific vibrational frequencies of the body, allowing each frequency to be released and re-tuned. The benefit of this re-tuning is a greater sense of personal well-being.

Essentially the Propinquity Vibrational Essences are what we call ‘context free’, that is they work on the specific frequency of vibration, not on the issue that may have caused the disruption in that frequency. As the frequency changes and comes closer to its true state, the issues that are caught at that frequency are released and fall away.

Propinquity Vibrational Essence work by acting upon existing vibrational frequencies of the body, producing changes in frequencies in line with the natural substances found in the Essences. This change occurs as our bodies have both a physical cellular structure and an energetic structure. Some people refer to the energetic structure as the quantum body as it follows the laws of quantum physics.

Each essence is a blend of the Propinquity Release Essence with the addition of other essences to create the unique products of the Propinquity Vibrational Essence range. Essences used include a variety of roses, pomegranate, willow, mulberry, corn stalk, wisteria, chamomile, blueberry, peppertree, amber, gold, quartz, quartz sand, scoria, spiders’ silk, silk cocoon and energised water.

The 12 Essences for the Emotions
Propinquity Vibrational Essences address the full range of human emotions. There are 12 essences in the total range and these are divided into 3 groups.

The Building Range: For those emotions that facilitate the achievement of the life we desire.
The Clearing Range: For those emotions that limit us in achieving the life we desire.
The Healing Range: For those emotions that constrict us from achieving the life we desire.
Although each Essence is a stand alone remedy, they are designed to be taken in sequence within the range (highest to lowest number) and the ranges are designed to work in sequence from the Healing Range, through the Clearing Range and completing with the Building Range.

Essence Number For Emotions

Building Range
Essence No. 1 Love, happiness, wonder
Essence No. 2 Hope, trust, passion, compassion
Essence No. 3 Enthusiasm, excitement, eagerness, optimisim
Essence No. 4 Well-being, content, satisfied
Clearing Range
Essence No. 5 Frustration, confusion, boredom, impatience
Essence No. 6 Crisis, pity, overwhelmed, worry, doubt
Essence No. 7 Guilt, sadness, pessimism
Essence No. 8 Anger, fury, resentment, bitterness
Healing Range
Essence No. 9 Rejection, betrayal, humiliation, hurt, fear, anxiety
Essence No. 10 Blame, jealousy, envy
Essence No. 11 Rage, violence, revenge, hate, punishment
Essence No. 12 Depression, despair, loneliness, worthlessness

The essences in Healing Range are available as ‘Practitioner Only’ products. Practitioner refers to someone who has competency in client counselling either through formal course work or through professional or personal development. The Healing Range is dealing with emotions that are often related to trauma and people who are not familiar with the workings of their own emotions may require support during the process. If you wish to use any products from out Healing Range