There are many ways in which you can take a vibrational essence and depends on what is prescribed for you or what it is you feel energetically connected to do.

However in saying that, it is wise to take Vibrational Essences over a three week period to allow the essence’s vibration to work with your own bodily vibration and work in harmony to bring it back into a balanced state. In dropper form, this can be taking 3-7 drops, three times a day. Essences can also be placed on various parts of the body, the wrists, souls of the feet, third eye and also crown chakra if unable to be placed in the mouth. They can also be added to bottled water and sipped throughout the day as well as being added to bath water or foot baths.

Animals can be given the same amount of drops for specific prescription remedies for their particular issue and placed directly in the mouth. They can be added to their drinking water, or again on the crown chakra or along the spine. It is best to ask the best way in which to work with the essences from your practitioner.