Choosing an essence is a very personal thing as there are no two people the same – yes, that’s right there is no one else like you on this planet. In most instances, you can look at the cards which correspond to the essences and choose the ones that speak to your heart. These are the essences that help you enhance what you believe is missing in your life. You can also choose those that you are repulsed towards, ones that create an uneasy state within you and your get a foreboding feeling towards the essence.

These essences are the one’s that have quite a dramatic effect on ourselves and push us to own “our crap” so to speak, and challenge us to grow – kind of like embracing our shadow self. Ideally when you take these essences, you need to be gentle on yourself and go slowly as they can have dramatic change within your own psyche and challenge us – I always laugh and say to put a note on the fridge stating “I am on essences – Shift happens” to remind yourself to be gentle and just to go through the process.

You can also just sit in meditation and see which essences come to you and work with those or you can look for specific essences to take for certain issues that you feel you may be having at this time. In anycase, Sacred Whispers can help you choose correctly the right essences to help you transform your lives and also the lives of your animals when you choose to work with the essences with animals. Here are at Sacred Whispers we are pleased to be able to offer you a range of Vibrational Essences Wildernessence – Australian Animal Essences Wild Earth Animal Essences (USA) Propinquity (Aus) Mediterranean Essences (UK) Practitioner discount is available.

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