What are Vibrational Essences?

Vibrational Essences are a direct connection with the wisdom, inspiration and creativity that all nature has to offer and carry positive, life affirming patterns of conscious energy and is a co-creative healing between both man, animal, plant and the environment. Vibrational Essences (or remedies) reach in and touch the very soul of ones being, whether it be human or animal and helps to shift and recognize dysfunctional patterns of behavior, balance our emotional responses or enhance aspects of our being and address profound issues of emotional well being, soul development and mind-body health.

Vibrational Essences are subtle remedies that carry the ‘essence’, the ‘life force’ or the ‘vibrational frequency’ of a plant, mineral or other living substances that has been transferred into pure water under careful attention to the purity of the environment and many other factors which are taken into consideration – potency of the blossom, the seasonal aspect and the meteorological conditions and time of day to name a few. This water is referred to as the Mother essence or tincture which is further distilled and potentised and preserved with brandy. The Mother Essence is then used to make a secondary essence called “Stock Essence” from which a “Dosage Essence” is prepared which is used by people, plants and/or animals in various ways.

The two most common forms of essences are Flower and Gem Essences although it is now quite common to see mineral, animal and sea essences being produced from Master Essence Makers from all over the world, providing a wonderful supporting remedy to assist in making lasting changes at a vibrational level, to all that dwell upon and within Mother Earth. (It is important to note that all Vibrational Essences that Sacred Whispers stock do not contain any animal product and are made in a ceremonial process only)

Vibrational essences can assist us in identifying a Spiritual, Mental or Emotional quality that needs to be either awakened within us or strengthened to bring us into a state of equilibrium, a state of balance when we are polarized. Vibrational Essences can also help us on a physical level and in all seven areas of our life.

The universe can certainly challenge us at times and the degree of emotional turmoil that we experience at these times is in part our resistance and barriers we have implemented to being here and allowing our voice to be heard on our Souls path.

Vibrational Essences assist you to integrate life’s experiences, and helps to establish within us an inner sense of our souls journey and our souls growth. When we are deeply connected with our Soul purpose and our mission here on planet earth, it is a constant ongoing process of being in presence and being present in Love and Gratitude.

Each person resonates at their own vibrationory level, and depending on where their vibration is at, depends on which Vibrational Essence is required – Vibrational Essences are used in a number of different ways, but in essence, they are used to balance out extremes of emotions that one experiences throughout daily life and through out trying times.

They can also be used to enhance those things within ourselves that we feel are missing, e.g. enhancing clairvoyance. They can also be used to aid in the healing process of physical injury to the body.