I approached Mary to help me with my horse whom was having muscular issues. Mary worked with my horse using Ortho-Bionomy and I instantly saw results in Roxy’s posture and her muscles relaxing. Mary assesses the overall horse and treats according to the area’s that they need it most. The result is that you can see immediate improvements to the horses posture/movement & their muscles become soft and pliable. It is wonderful to watch this work in progress and to see the change in the horse after the treatment. Mary has worked with many of my horses over the years as well as myself to ensure that I was also moving correctly and not affecting my horse when riding. Mary has a very calm nature and the horses were very welcome to her approach. My horses always enjoyed seeing Mary as well as our dog who would always be very excited when she visited. To have Mary’s expertise and guidance when trying to reach goals and aspirations with my horses has been a great asset to us and I am forever grateful for all her knowledge she is always willing to share. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is looking to grow and develop yourself and your animals general well being.
Louise G
Mandurah, Western Australia

The transformation I have had since attending an Animal Communication course has been amazing to stay the least. Not only did Mary teach me the skills in which to communicate with my own animals, she made me realise many aspects about myself and made me realise I was actually running from my shadow self instead of owning it as being part of my journey. Thank you, I look forward to the next workshop.
Leanne V

I had the opportunity to have a Shamanic Illumination, I actually didn’t know what I was getting into, but I was willing to go through the process. It actually transformed my life and I can’t thank Mary enough for guiding me through the process. My life just seemed to be in a holding pattern and not moving forward, I don’t really know what happened to the extend that it happened, but my life just took off and I have made my wounds my medicine and now run my own successful healing practice.
Julie J

Hi Mary, I cant thank you enough for guiding me through an emotional healing journey experience and incorporating the vibrational essences. I was totally oblivious to the space I was in and completely unaware that the space I am currently experiencing actually even existed. The essences are a great supporter assisting the healing work I now do with the horses. Thank you!
Jacqui A
Helena Valley

Over the last 9 months or so I’ve made some amazing changes in my life. It started with having
a session with Mary Hitchcock in the capacity as a Demartini Method Facilitator. It was confronting
at first but worth every moment of addressing the reality of who we really are and all that that entails. Anyway, so family relationships have improved, my unhealthy lifestyle has turned around solely due to how I think about things now and the big one of finally finding the reason I needed to give up the dreaded smokes after 45 years of smoking and a few failed attempts previously. The benefits of working with Mary continue into so many areas of life. So a huge thank you to you Mary, what you do is amazing.