Mouse Gratitude

Mouse Gratitude

What a gift I received today in the form of a wee mouse.

I had passed by the dogs water several times, not noticing anything because my mind was on other things, I had to be somewhere else and I was running late. On my last passing before getting into the car something made me stop and look down at the bowl. There in the freezing cold water was a little mouse, his head barely out of the water. I stopped, put everything I was carrying down and went to help the little mouse.

I picked up the freezing cold water bowl and gently carried it outside and very gently emptied it out onto the even more freezing back porch, being very mindful not to hurt the mouse, but in doing so allowing wee little mouse to be free of his watery grave.

As little mouse sat there on the porch, he started shaking uncontrollably with the cold and in the cold. I raced inside and got a small towel and tried to dry him off as best I could. It was very difficult due to him being so small. I carried little shivering mouse inside, his eyes were closed and the only sign of life was his little shivering body. I thought the best thing to do was to get a box and place him by the fire in the lounge and hope that the warmth from the fire was enough to warm his little frozen body and he would survive, however I had a better idea – I dried him off with the hair dryer. He loved it, the warmth of the hot air on his body was soothing to him and when I rolled him over to do his belly and under his little arms, he just lay there with bliss etched into his face.

Once he was all dry, eyes wide open and very much alive, I took him outside to the wood stack, left him some seed and placed him gently next to it. He delighted in eating a very hearty meal before scampering off into the unknown.

Little Mouse gave me the gift of being in presence, to allow myself to be fully in the moment and to be in service to this little being. For him to allow himself to place his trust in me and allow me to serve his needs was indeed a very special moment.

That moment allowed me to be mindful, to be fully present, to be in service to another and gave me a deep sense of gratitude that life affords us.

How many times is it that when we are with our animals we don’t give them the attention that is required to fill their needs. Our minds are wandering to other things we consider more important and we would be challenged if somebody gave us such little regard and gave us such bad service.

All life matters and as human beings, we get caught up in the day to day doings of life. Little Mouse showed me that no matter how small, it is in the detail of our service to others that truly matter, to be present and mindful in all we do.

I am in gratitude that he was big enough to make himself be seen and trusting enough to allow me to warm not only his little body but also his heart – he certainly warmed my heart.

Mary Hitchcock
July 2016