Living In A Balanced World

The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me and in some ways I am quite addicted to the knowledge that she affords me, the love that encompasses me when I am truly within her presence and the realization of oneness, that interconnected moment of being truly in the present mind, present body and present self in the onement of all there is to be afforded to us on a universal level.

p1030724It is interesting when you are in that moment what it is that can be truly seen if we dare look at what we are witnessing with both mind and heart entwined together as one.

I was gifted that experience today, when taking my beautiful dog for a walk through the Pine plantation. It is the first time that I had gone to this place, but for some reason my intuition called me to this exact spot. I could have gone for many a beautiful walk from the front gate of my house, but alas intuition told me to get in the car, drive for 15 minutes and go walk in the Pine plantation.

After the heavy down pouring of rain, wind and hail over the past few days, this morning was different in many ways. There wasn’t a breath of air, it was very still and although the sun was out it was still very cold.

As I drove up into the plantation, the energy was very frenetic to say the least and I felt quite stressed and I couldn’t understand what it was that was causing my heart to beat faster and my whole being of one that was so looking forward to spending time amongst the forest to one of stress.

I drove a little further and then I saw the reason why. The loggers were in the plantation tearing down the trees with heavy machinery and my heart went out to the trees in their time of stress.

I slowly got out of the car and watched as tree by tree they were ripped out of the ground, put through a machine to take off all their branches and stacked up on top of one another – naked stumps stacked 30 deep. It was so hard for me to see, but something pulled me into the moment even deeper and I watched and saw and felt what was needed to be seen and what I saw deepened my understanding of nature to a level of universal proportions.

One by one the trees went down, not falling back into the forest of trees and into the arms of their family, but into the already cleared area in front of them, hitting the ground hard. As I stood watching, there was no contact with the trees behind them, the machinery wasn’t touching the other trees and it was a concentrated effort on the one tree to lay it on the ground. What was amazing to see was that the whole stand of Pine trees were shaking, they were energetically shaking, not like they were blowing in the wind, but they were shaking. It was a definite to and fro kind of shaking, and was totally 100% stress related. Each time a tree went down, the rest of the trees energetically shook. There was no breeze, there was no wind. These trees were responding to the wanton killing of their kind.

As I stood there mesmerized by what I was seeing, I noticed that non of the other trees in the area were moving, they were very still, the gum trees, the black woods and the many other trees that were across the road and down further, stood tall and very, very still. It was only the trees that were amongst the stand going down that shook in terror.

I felt absolutely powerless to stop these trees from being “murdered”. I alone was not going to be able to stop the production line of 10 men doing this job.

In my powerlessness came my most power and I knew instantly what it was that I had to do – I had to be in openhearted gratitude and choose my words carefully.

p1030727I sat down on the moist muddy soil, placed my hands on the ground and started giving thanks. I thanked the trees for their being, for their beauty, for them providing the sweet fragrance of the pine oil. I thanked them for being host to all the insects, the birds, the mosses, the mushrooms, their shade, for them covering Mother Earth with their leaves, keeping her cool in the summer and warm in the winter, for the beauty they gave as they were sprinkled in snow and for reminding me to stand tall and strong in extreme conditions. I thanked them for everything that I could think of, everything that those wonderful trees had provided in their 15-20 years of growth. I kept listing everything that came to mind until I could think no more.

I took a deep breath and I then began to thank them for what they were going to become.

I thanked them for the woodchips that would protect peoples gardens and allow flowers to blossom all year round, for their ability to keep the moisture in the ground when the hot summer sun tried to make the earth hard and dry. I thanked them for the houses that could be built out of their timber, the essential oil of pine and how it helps fight bacteria/germs that are a threat to mankind, I thanked them for the cubby houses built out of their timber that made children laugh and play outdoors, I thanked them for the content of their wood, which could be made into hundreds of different uses for all of humanity, to house dogs in kennels to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I listed everything I could think of that they would be utilized for until I could think no more and sat in silence.

As I looked up at the destruction happening before me, I noticed a shift in the energy, I noticed a shift in the trees. The pine trees were silent, there was no terror and there was no shaking. The trees continued to come down, but instead of being brought down in terror, the other trees stood tall as if they knew there was no death only transformation.

Also, according to ancient Shinto tradition, destruction and creation are occurring at the same time, now, at this moment. That means you must seize this very moment. Once you develop the skills to control your words and emotions in a way that helps you transform the moment, you can make lasting change and the important thing is that we make a constant effort to speak and act in a balanced way.

That is what I did for those trees, I wasn’t caught in the destruction, nor was I caught in the transformation, I only saw balance and brought to light the balance to the trees.

It also reminded me to see the beauty in the challenges that life affords me and to use my words wisely, for what I speak aloud is also for myself to hear.

Thank you, dear trees for one of life’s remarkable learnings that, in actual fact, have no words to describe, it is one of those moments in life that can only be felt.

It is so important to remember our true connection to the trees, for they are the only beings that have their feet firmly planted within mother earth whilst reaching their upper bodies to the heavens above, perfectly balanced in all given moments of life.