To Die or not to Die

To Die or not to Die

IMG_3496As one who can hear the voices of the silent ones and an Animal Communicator I have attended many animal transitions as an Animal Death Doula in peoples homes, I am often sought by people from all over the world when their animal is either terminally ill, in the late stages of life or dying from other causes and their vet has advised them there is no hope of the animal living a fulfilling life and they have to make the decision of “Do I euthanize or not?”
For me, this question is not an easy one to answer and I certainly cannot make the decision for any person as it is such a personal journey for each and every one of us to take and everyone’s belief system is different.

In all of my experience, I find that when I am asked this question, it is generally the person who is living the moment in fear and are stuck in the moment. They are living in the fear of facing their own death, the fear of being left behind or have guilt as to how it should have been and end up experiencing deep grief and living in a fantasy life of how it could of been. It generally isn’t about bearing witness to the transformation of a life and immortality or how they can best serve their animal in their transitional moment but about the fear of their own mortality.

Animals generally don’t have the fear associated with death, it is we as humans that instill the fear within them and it is confusing to them. Animals believe it is just a transitional phase of being and nothing to be feared. When we impose our fears upon Animals, beg them to stay and promise them the earth if they do, is what instills a fear in our Animals which they don’t understand and can make it harder for them to leave and they fight the process.

When you ask the question “Should I euthanize my animal?” usually suggests to me that you are looking for guidance outside of yourself to make the decision for you and you are living within other peoples values and not your own. “Should” you euthanize your animal is not a question anybody can answer for you, myself included. You have your answer within you, it resides in your heart, wrapped within the deep love you have for your beloved companion.

My suggestion is to take a moment, close your eyes, take a breath and drop deeply into your heart space. Connect heart to heart with the animal in question and ask for guidance – you will know what to do and the answer will come.

What I can tell you for certain and it has been confirmed time and time again, is that when Animals leave their earthly body, they are never alone. For in the spirit world there is always somebody waiting on the other side to greet them and they are immensely joyous. This has been confirmed to me on many occasions when I have described to the person whose animal is transitioning who is waiting for them, whether it is a little Scottie dog named Jack, or a person called Shelley. It always turns out to be an Animal that has been in their family previously “Jack was my Grandma’s dog” or Shelley was the lady who had him previously before she died, or Shelley is my Mum. No matter who it is, whether you know them or not, they are never alone and someone is always there both for them and for us left on this side, we are totally supported through this process.

When one departs this earthly plane they leave us with the greatest gifts – their knowledge, their teachings, their friendship and the biggest gift of all is they opened our hearts and taught us about unconditional love.

So if you have to make the decision for your beloved Animal, let go of all your fears and just know that no matter what you choose, so long as it is made with a decision that comes from love, it is the right decision. You will be supported and challenged in whatever decision you make.

Question you can ask yourself in this circumstance is.
“How can I be of the greatest service to my dear friend at this time?”
“How can I ease his/her transition?”
“What do I believe he/she needs in this time?”

I am asked numerous times to tell the animal in question that their people love them and to let them know how much they are loved. I never have to tell any Animal that, they feel vibration with every part of their being and love is the highest of all vibrations. They feel it, they instinctively know with every part of their existence that they are loved. Please love yourself enough so you can convey the love you have for them to them.

For me, one of the greatest gifts I can give an animal in their death is to hold space whilst they leave their mortal body and instead of being in the one, transcend into the many – we just need to open our hearts to see it.
To truly hold space and be completely in the moment and to bear witness to the magical moment in what transpires in the moment of transition has no words to describe it, it is only something that can be felt, a moment of love that surpasses all and it is truly beautiful.

I am in gratitude for the wisdom, the love and for all those moments that have no words that all the animals have given me. They not only show me my vulnerabilities, they also show me my strengths.

Thank you.

I am also in gratitude to all those who have had me guide their loved ones home.

If you or your Animal companions are experiencing grief through the loss of a loved one, I do one on one consultations either in person or via Skype and I highly recommend using Vibrational Essences to hold your vibration in one of love whilst you journey through this transitional phase of your life.

I would love to see you soon on one of my many Animal Communication courses so that you too can learn the language in which you speak to the silent world that is not so silent when you know how to truly listen.

In Gratitude
Mary Hitchcock