Online Introductory Animal Communication Course

Commencing Monday February 27th – 7pm EST

In this five week online interactive Level One workshop you will learn

  • What your values are – what you are here on this earth to do?
  • What is the difference between intuitive abilities and instinct.
  • What is the difference between empathy and compassion.
  • How to improve your listening skills.
  • Increasing your telepathic awareness and skillset
  • How to connect with specific animals through space and time
  • What your values are – what you are here on this earth to do?

Key Benefits of Attending

  • Increase your Intuitive abilities
  • Increase self worth by making a positive difference in the lives of others
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Enhance verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Sacred Whispers Students Group Facebook Page Ongoing support

This course is run via an invitation only private Facebook Group and will be held each Monday Night at 7pm for 1.5 hours over a period of 5 weeks. The event will be recorded and posted on the facebook feed for replay to those who cant make the live event and questions can be sent to me directly for answering.

Bookings are essential


Hi Mary,

I cant thank you enough for guiding me through an emotional healing journey experience and incorporating the vibrational essences. I was totally oblivious to the space I was in and completely unaware that the space I am currently experiencing actually even existed.

The essences are a great supporter assisting the healing work I now do with the horses.

Thank you!

Jacqui A

Helena Valley

I had the opportunity to have a Shamanic Illumination, I actually didn’t know what I was getting into, but I was willing to go through the process. It actually transformed my life and I can’t thank Mary enough for guiding me through the process. My life just seemed to be in a holding pattern and not moving forward, I don’t really know what happened to the extend that it happened, but my life just took off and I have made my wounds my medicine and now run my own successful healing practice.

Julie J


The transformation I have had since attending an Animal Communication course has been amazing to stay the least. Not only did Mary teach me the skills in which to communicate with my own animals, she made me realise many aspects about myself and made me realise I was actually running from my shadow self instead of owning it as being part of my journey. Thank you, I look forward to the next workshop.

Leanne V