Animal Communication

Animal Communication is such an outdated terminology because many people believe that it just about talking to your dog or your cat and other domesticated animals and finding out how their day is and to have conversations that need to be had. It is wonderful that some people want to open that connection between the animals that share their lives and are part of the family.

In my experience it goes far beyond that and it goes beyond to a space and time that anyone can ever imagine.

Mother Nature and all that dwell upon her, plants, animals, insects, the list is endless, have so much to say to us and we have so much to learn from them.

One of my favorite sayings of the Hermetic teachings is “The lips of wisdom are sealed except to the ears of understanding”. The animals are only silent to us until we are ready to open our ears and our hearts and truly hear their voices and have a depth of understanding that goes beyond imagination. The universe is our library and a wealth of wisdom is there for our taking, when we open ourselves up to our true potential and we start to awaken to the knowledge that every being living on this planet has a particular value system and a particular part to play in the evolution of Mother Earth and a role to play within their own familial structure and the future generations of their species.

There is the analogy of the Acorn – and inside the Acorn grows a mighty tree; however if we go one step further, inside the Acorn grows a community. It is not simply a mighty Oak, it is a mighty oak that nurtures an entire community and it works in harmony to each and every being that shares its bark, the humus it provides in Autumn and the shade it provides in the summer. It provides a home for Moss, for Lichen, for Mushrooms, safety for birds and their babies, it provides pollen for bees to make honey, the wind to help butterflies float and each and every winter it gives back to the earth by covering her with leaves that then provides nourishment for those needing it during the winter months. It soaks in the sunlight and bathes in the starlight and we as humans, share our very breath with that same tree. There is so much more to a tree than what we as humans, living in our humanness can ever imagine.

That for me, is what Animal Communication is, to recognize the brilliance of the Acorn tree and to see that magnificence in all that Nature Affords us and then going beyond that and finding that all within ourselves.

So does the wording of Animal Communication cover it – I don’t think so. The universe affords us an abundance of knowledge, an abundance of wisdom. So if you are ready to step up and take the challenge, to come on the journey of not only universal discovery, but self discovery as well, then the courses that I offer are for you.

Do you recognize when the Nature is talking to you?

Do you have a vision to be at one with nature?

Do you have a deep connection with the natural world?

Are you inspired with a vision that includes working with animals or nature?

Are you inspired to do something extraordinary with your life?

Are you ready to embrace your life fully, both shadow and light and live in a symbiotic relationship with all that Mother Earth and the Universe has to offer?

Then we would like to hear from you.

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