About Mary Hitchcock

maryMary Hitchcock from Sacred Whispers does not have any title, cannot be put into a box of preconceived perceptions.  She has been called a rebellious leader, a Greenie and an Environmentalist.  Many people are too afraid to step out of the box of societal confines to experience the world as the world is intended to be experienced.

When was the last time that you tasted wild water, knelt down upon mother earth and sipped the nectar from a running crystal clear stream, that wound its way bringing with it the wisdom from the highest of mountains coursing through the wildest unswept country, bringing back the wonder of the remembrance, of its awakening to your sweet lips, allowing you to drink all the knowledge that was yours for the remembering.

This is what Mary Hitchcock is all about, to awaken you to this knowledge, to support you in your transformation, in your connection back to nature and the connection back to your true self. To re-awaken you to intuitive abilities, to the gifts that you have within and to connect your eyes to your heart, so that you can commune with all species and to reconnect you with your inherent ability of being one with all.

Mary has been communicating with Animals all her life and has a deep soul connection with nature and is in heartfelt gratitude to be able to share with people from all over the world the inspiration she has gained from all her experiences.

Mary also helps people to transform their past to use as their own personal medicine to help transform not only your life, but also lives around you. When we do our own personal work, it is the animals and nature that also benefit as we truly see with a different set of eyes and recognize within our hearts that we are a piece of a puzzle and when we sing our own song to the world we help create a greater picture.

Travelling the world seeking answers to her own transformation, Mary has studied with some of the worlds best, Dr John Demartini, Jeffery Slater, Alberto VIlloldo Four Winds Society, Norman Doidge, Author of “The Brain that Changes itself”, Kellie Stewart, Saltriver Horsemanship, Dr Mario Martinez , Joe Vitale and has appeared on “The Couch”, as a guest speaker, a published author and is inspired to help others seek their own personal transformation.

One on one sessions and group sessions are available.

Please see “workshops “ and the Sacred Whispers will be awakened to you.

Sharing Wisdom and Knowledge with John DeMartini – Houston Texas

On the campaign trail with Kevin Richardson, South Africa spreading the word in regards to pitfalls of the Canned Hunting Industry.